Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Polyvore: Rampant Consumerism

Would you rather coordinate outfits than quickly quip with acquaintances?

Is your closet full of clothes for the life you think you might, but don't actually live?

Are you looking for another online time suck?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, have I got the site for you!

It's called Polyvore, and it's an online staging thingy I read about in the New York Times yesterday. You can put together clothes, backgrounds, accessories and post them on your blog, facebook, or anywhere you feel like it - I imagine. You can find out where, and how much it will set you back, to buy most of the items. Best of all, you can share them with your loved ones so they can pull a Stacy and Clinton on you before you buy, thus saving you time and money!

Yeah. That's it! Saving you time and money.

I certainly haven't tested its powers, but for me, it's all about the shoes.

All About the Shoes
All About the Shoes by LB featuring Christian Louboutin Estoteri shoes

That Christian Louboutin - I swear, he's going to be the death of my children's savings accounts, or at least the cause of one badly sprained ankle, because someday I will wear those shoes, or another remarkably fantastic pair with his signature red leather sole.


Beth said...

Oh my! Between Polyvore and the Make-up Geek, I think you are the mother my daughter wishes she had!!
(For some odd reason, I just can't get her excited about my econ sites.)

LB said...

Oh please. If I could get my 21 year-old son to starting reading again, let alone reading The Fountainhead, I'd go barefoot for the rest of my life! You know, if that's what it took.

It's only on rare occasions (with close friends or on the internet!) that I don't dress and act quite conservatively. That's why I'm so attracted to animal prints. They're a small reflection of my wilder soul when I have to perform some serious, stand-up citizen activity. And I couldn't stand-up, much less walk in those shoes! But that's not going to stop me from appreciating their fabulousness and trying to figure out how to integrate them into my otherwise conservative-looking life.