Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday.

My Cute Baby

Today my daughter turned 16.

Along with the pink convertible we gave her,

Notice the edible windshield.

she was granted permission by the state to drive*. Sadly, today my papers weren't in order so in addition to a morning trip the RMV, we needed to make a trip to my hometown to get another, cleaner certified source of ID, then back to another RMV on the way home. She was determined to get that permit, though! And so, after 5 hours, over 100 miles, and one lunch with the grandparents (bonus!), she did.

When we got home, we went to a safe place (the deserted high school parking lot) to test the robustness of my four year-old car's clutch. What fun!

Happily, despite the quick jerking motions,
no one ate this windshield. She did have
reverse down really well before we left the lot.

Plus ca change, plus c'est the meme chose!

Actually, she did a great job for a beginner, and despite her serious frustration, I can tell she'll try again until she gets it right. She's like DW from the Arthur series on PBS - whose terrific line, "I don't care if I'm one giant scab" (when she was determined to ride a bike without training wheels) has been an endless source of inspiration to her thus far.

*While there are lots of restrictions on learner's permits, there was nothing I could find which tied the license to school attendance (2nd comment).


Beth said...

What a great post. Can't believe I missed it the first time through. I particularly love the last two photos!!
I love being a mom.

Lynne said...

Thanks, Beth.

Other than a whole lot more curly, curly hair, she hasn't changed a bit!