Friday, July 17, 2009

Middle Age

Do not fret dear readers: this is not a poem about the breakdown of collagen or deep tissue wrinkles (mostly because I couldn't think of anything that rhymed with either of those). This is about the year you turned old according to definitive musical test in the Chicago Tribune (via How Not to Act Old).

As expected, I was loving life and living young until the year my son was born - then, I hit a wall. I have no idea what "Roll With It" by Steve Winwood sounds like. Luckily I regained my youth (and vitality, if you can call it that given the song) the following year with "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx.

Oddly, the years surrounding my second child's birth leave me staring blankly at the list. Huh? But the year between those two, the year she was born, in fact the very moments in which she was born, her deliverer (aka: my surgeon) and I were discussing how his wife loved UB40 (Pay attention in there, Doc! I may need that gigantic purple organ in the future!).

Then sadly, in 2001, I officially turned old at age 36.

Oh well. It wasn't a bad run. On the bright side, now I can sing all the words to all the songs on the oldies station impressing my daughters no end since I can't remember what they told me yesterday morning.


Kelly Elmore said...

Apparently, I was always old. I only knew a few of the songs. Middle aged the year I graduated from high school!

LB said...

Given that they were top 40 songs, I think you're way younger - or at least way cooler - than that quiz would have you believe.

Amy said...

I got old when I turned 20, in 1990. I bounced back for a couple of years, but it was all downhill from there until 2007 when Fergie invaded my cozy little world.

LB said...

I kind of love that song, but I don't think it counts as recovering my youth because I had to look it up in order to recognize it.

Oh my God! It's Jess from Gilmore Girls! What's with the ponytail and tats, and more importantly, why doesn't it disgust me more?