Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Online

As it has been too hot for me to go outside lately, I’ve been hanging out on my computer and wanted to share some of the interesting applications of morality to politics I’ve recently read or watched online.

The Good:

On the Peak Oil Malthusian Dilemma (NYT OpEd – I don’t remember what directed me here, but it’s a good refutation of that crisis);

An excellent essay regarding collectivism vs. individualism and Misconstruing the Cause of Waste (found at Pajamas Media);

A moving personal essay on the unseen costs of socialized medicine My Father and Socialized Medicine (found at The New Clarion);

Here is a twenty-four minutes interview with Peter Schiff which I found quite worth my time. His views on the economy and government intervention are not only a breath of fresh air, but terribly exciting when one considers that he is a potential candidate for the CT Senate (also found at The New Clarion, and for the record, I did disagree with two minor points he made).

The Bad:

More waves in the scary Sea of Green threaten to crash on us in Oxygen Depletion and Water Footprints (both via – you guessed it – The New Clarion).

The Ugly:

I mentioned this in a comment on Stephen’s blog post on the same, but you have to watch the obscenity of the sheer destruction of value under the Cash for Clunkers in action.

And how does one judge what is good, bad, or ugly in the realm of politics? I recommend starting with Ayn Rand’s essays on “Man’s Rights” and “The Nature of Government” and go from there.

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