Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mining Daydreams

The rain has gone, and with it goes my naked soul.
The time has come to dress and stand out in the sun.
One would not eclipse the other if I were living whole;
Light now burns away what I thought to leave undone.

I mine my daydreams for bits of Truth I unearth,
For it, like me, cannot keep underground well.
While I flirt with Possibility for all it is worth,
I recognize illusion is no place for one to Dwell.

So what studied Truth has my wandering mind shown?
What exciting new path must I now define?
No more than this reminder of what I’ve always known:
No less than my one life, body and soul, is mine.

Without fear of indulging what my half-life might reveal,
You watched as I collected, both embracing what is Real.

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