Saturday, August 1, 2009

I've Been MadMenned

I often wonder about the structure of language and how standard usage expands and contracts. But this post is about how I transformed myself into a cartoon MadMen character. I’m the one in red.

Sure, I look like a cross between my grandmother and Anne Bancroft in The Graduate, but I’m good with that. I dislike the hair, but it came with the hat – and you know I had to have that hat! On the plus side, I have a fabulous furry dead thing around my neck, my legs are spectacular, and Don Draper seems to like me. Who could ask for anything more - you know- in a cartoon world?

If you’re a MadMen fan, you should go to MadMenYourself right now and get your own MadMen icon! If you’re not, I can completely understand. There are no heroes in the show (with the possible exception of Joan Holloway, the curvy office manager in the blue, and perhaps once Bertram Cooper who is now more doddering than dazzling), but it is compelling to watch nonetheless. The ubiquitous smoking, incessant drinking, routine philandering, and rigid corporate and social roles may at first seem too offensive to enjoy, but its capture and presentation of a strangely conflicted period in American cultural history is gripping.

Season 3 premieres Sunday, August 16th on AMC at 10PM. Don’t miss the at-home date night opportunity.

Speaking of strangely conflicted (and date night), here is an interesting juxtapostion of values we saw at our nearest Barnes & Noble last night: adjacent displays commemorating man's landing on the moon and his rolling in the mud.


Beth said...

Love the photo! Makes me want to take my camera everywhere just to capture bits of life like that. TI l already had the idea of driving around my town and taking picture of the little-bits-and views that are part of what I love about living here. Thanks for the inspirational nudge.
(I will check out Madmen when I get a chance.)

LB said...

Sometimes I loathe carrying around the big giraffe bag (like when I turn too fast and knock over small children), but sometimes it comes in handy to carry my life around on my shoulder. Like last night.

I've seen some of your pictures - you live in a beautiful spot. I'm looking forward to seeing some more.