Sunday, August 16, 2009

One Egg is Not Un Oeuf!

Whilst I was gone on a women's adventure weekend (hopefully more on that later), one of my ladies laid an egg! I was both horrified and delighted! Horrified that I was not home for this momentous occasion, and delighted that they're starting to lay! Eggs! Yay!

Stephen found the egg on the ground (not in the lovely nesting boxes he made for them) and had no idea which of the ladies laid the egg. One look at the egg and then at the birds and it wasn't hard for this farmer's wife to tell. It was Barbie.

The eggs (oh,yes - now there are two) are a blue-green typical of an Easter Egger, and Barbie has been doing some rather strange dropping, droopy dances leaving the coop. Until I saw the eggs, I thought it was probably Starburst as she is by far the fattest bird and has taken a mother hen role in the coop. Now that she's started laying I think Barbie needs more time in the coop and less time outside.

Eggs Inthedirt is not a favorite of mine.

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