Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nice Shorts

On leaving the hotel room to go to breakfast this morning my youngest daughter said to me, "Nice shorts."

Being a little self-conscious about the whole short-wearing thing, knowing that my shorts were old, but still fit fine, I was pleasantly surprised by the compliment. "Really? You think so?" I asked.

"Yeah. I didn't know the rodeo was in town."

It seems that the closer I get to becoming Miss Patty, my youngest is turning into Emily Gilmore.


Cheryl said...


I can't remember the last time I wore shorts. Even my workout "shorts" come to my knees.

I love the rodeo, by the way.

LB said...

I didn't even have the boots on - but I'm going to get some this year, for sure. Then I'll really be ready for the rodeo.