Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big “I” vs. little “i”

Just as a point of clarification, the independent voters of Massachusetts who made a tremendous difference in the election on Tuesday are not Independent voters, but rather unenrolled voters.  This means that while we are registered to vote, we have chosen no party affiliation. Because we have open primaries in Massachusetts, unenrolled voters can participate in any one party's primary election.  Being unenrolled, therefore, gives us more choice.

The few. The proud. The unenrolled.

It just lacks gravitas.

But something I found out during the spectacular disintegration of presumed Democratic chair-passing was that 51% of the voters in Massachusetts are registered as “unenrolled”!  This is another fact that points to what Scott Brown’s victory could quite likely mean: It’s not about either party, or even either candidate. It’s about people not wanting to hand over our personal choices to the federal government regardless of what animal it uses to pull the overstuffed, rickety wagon of statist condescension. 

And that’s the way

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