Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hey, Big Spender!

When I was about five or six, I went to the circus with Uncle Chuck.  I remember very little about the circus, and even less about “Uncle” Chuck, but I remember two things distinctly from that day: driving in his very cool, very red convertible and singing for my supper in the diner where we ate after the circus.

A few things remain inexplicable to me about that day, but the actual singing seemed quite normal.  After some banter with the waitress, Uncle Chuck announced to the customers that I would be singing a song.  While I don’t remember exactly what song I sung, I do know that
Sweet Charity was a big hit musical around then, that we had the album, and that I happen to remember all the words to Big Spender from my youth (and like to trot it out from time to time – but I digress).
I distinctly remember standing in aisle, near our booth, and belting one out for the rest of customers to hear.  I also remember that except for the environment, this seemed a pretty normal occurrence in keeping with my constant singing.

And I remember thinking about it 25 years later and wondering, who was that guy?  And more importantly, what the hell were my parents thinking
Now I can’t help but think, Thanks.

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