Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just a Red Herring

During a tour of local newspaper with a homeschool group yesterday, I was struck by some old newspaperman saying (not that the newspaperman was old - he was exactly my age - but rather that the expression struck me as very old school).

A picture is like an advertisement for your words. 

I like that.  And I like pictures.  If you can animate them - bonus!

I got a drawing tablet for my computer for Christmas.  I am thrilled to try my hand at more animation.  Today's work included drawing a herring on the tablet, animating it in some free-trial software (not loving that, so I'm glad they let me try it) and finally importing it into Adobe Photoshop Image Ready and making it a .gif file for a wee bit of animation.  This was half inspired by the wagging tail Airedale .gif and half by the fact that today, for the second time, I received an email about the evils of immigrants receiving welfare in America.

I'm tired of that particular red herring.

Feel free to use Ruby anywhere you might want to discuss arguments designed to distract us from the real issues. 

Note: I had to make the image Extra Large before she began to move. Since its head was out of the post's column, I had to rework it. Now she seems to be moving and is a more tasteful size.

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Lady Baker said...

I love it! Goof for you :)