Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rocking Around the Blogosphere

Just a few posts I’d like to give some linky-love to today:
Objectivist Round Up #132 at Erosophoria (Warning: partial self-promotion)
The interview at The Main Event (Warning: total husband promotion)
Engineers Guide to Drinks (Warning: okay, there is none. It’s just plain funny as was my husband’s earnestness in examining the print out: “Hmmmm.  This would have been helpful.”)
Speaking of earnestness (one of my favorite qualities), check out The Playful Spirit where Rachel shares the joy that comes from her successful special efforts in parenting. (Warning: friend promotion) 
And finally, there’s nothing like some rapping economists to get your morning going via Coyote Blog (Warning: Austrian School promotion)


Lady Baker said...

The husband has spend the last twenty minutes analyzing the Engineers Guide to Drinks... I'd say that's a match! Thanks for the smile and the surprise blog link too :)


Lynne said...

I only wish I had the ability to print a B-size drawing. Then I could have it framed for his birthday!