Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reporting at its finest

Today’s Boston Globe has an interesting look at the candidates running in the special election to fill the senate seat once owned by Ted Kennedy.  I find it humorous that these collections of photos are entitled “The Road to the Senate Race.” 

Apparently, Scott Brown once worked as a model, so there is a photo of him without a shirt on.  There is also a link to a music video in which his wife, Gail Huff, a local newscaster, worked as well. The piece is subtitled, “A Revealing Look at GOP Candidate Scott Brown.” 

Martha Coakley’s photo montage consists of pictures of her in public forums, or things done in the name of her public servant image with the subtitle, “A Look at Democratic Candidate Martha Coakley.”

If I weren’t already considering voting for Brown with the smallest hope that one less leftist lawmaker might somehow help turn the tide of our rush toward socialism, this unbiased, in-depth look into the candidates race to the senate would have helped to sway me in that direction. 
A career politician will always legislate on one principle: securing her reelection.

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