Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple joys.

I am currently alone and will be for an hour more.  Other than my rather telling display of writing a blog post, I am reveling in my aloneness.  By what means am I reveling?
Toast and tea.
Toast and tea is one of the simple pleasures that I remember from my childhood.  My mother worked full-time and my babysitter/second-mother made me toast and tea  when I arrived bleary-eyed at her door every weekday morning.
While I’m a regular tea drinker, I’ve moved onto mostly green tea these days.  But I do so still love a good cuppa Irish Breakfast tea.  Add some cream to that cup and you have something just this side of magical.  Top off this unrestrained delight with some crunchy toast smothered in homemade sweet cream butter, Saigon cinnamon mixed with a little sugar and you have a perfect accompaniment to nibble and sip while thinking for a single, uninterrupted hour.
Toast and tea lends me literal and figurative instant warmth.

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