Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

My father, 1957

Of course, I wasn't around when this photo was taken on my parents' wedding day, but I think he's one handsome guy.  Sadly, when I had the thought to post a photo of my father today, I couldn't find the one of him weightlifting on base in Alaska (probably taken the following month). 

In addition to musical instruments salesman, Boone's Farm Apple wine representative, barbershop quartet singer, ad man, and sign painter, my father can add hang-glider, scuba diver, private plane pilot, piano player, drummer, trumpet player, braille-reader, photographer, and artist to his autodidactic curriculum vitae. 

Life with my father has never - and I mean never - been boring.   Just ask my mother.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. 
Thanks for teaching me about art, and music, and learning, and living life.

(And thanks for reading my blog, too!)

While you're online, check out Stephen's post on my terrific father-in-law, too. 
We were so very lucky to spend all afternoon with all four of our fabulous parents today!

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