Thursday, June 10, 2010

For Me and My Gal

Today, we’re celebrating Judy Garland’s life. She would have been 88 today if she hadn’t died of a possibly-accidental overdose at the age of 47.  In addition to a general love of All Things Judy around here, my youngest has been writing an essay on the life of Judy Garland for a writing class.  Questions like,“Who’s Mel Torme,” come up quite often (perhaps I ought to show her some old videos so she’ll stop asking), but the killer questions are “What are barbiturates?” and “Why did the MGM studio guys think she was fat?”
I’ve watched several episodes of The Judy Garland Show, which ran in 1963-1964 (YouTube), and I while I like her spunk, I can’t help but think of how much she appeared to have been eaten alive by the world of entertainment.
In memory of Baby Gumm, a little girl with a big voice, I hope you enjoy the following snippets of Judy Garland.
For Me: An excellent polyphonic song with Barbra Streisand singing Happy Days are Here Again and Judy with Get Happy.
For My Gal: This one, In Between.

But these songs are my tween's favorites (not so with the videos which she had not seen before Tuesday).

And mine.

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