Thursday, June 17, 2010

Objectivist Round Up #153

Welcome to this 153rd issue of the Objectivist Round Up,blog carnival of posts written by individuals who are advocates of Objectivism: the philosophy developed and defined by Ayn Rand.

If you are new to Ayn Rand and would like to discover more about her "philosophy for living on earth", I recommend you read her two great novels,
Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. If you know her novels, I recommend her non-fiction starting with The Virtue of Selfishness, and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. The Ayn Rand Institute and the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights provide relevant information and commentary.

Following, in the order in which they were received, are the posts for this Objectivist Round Up.

John Drake presents Value dense gardening posted at Try Reason!, saying, “I'm all about getting the most bang for the buck in all my activities - that includes gardening. Picking veggies for the garden is all about finding the greatest value with the least effort. Here are my choices.”

Boaz Arad presents The Sorcerer's Apprentice posted at Anochi, saying, “It will be nice to have some Israeli blog take part at round up.”

Paul Hsieh presents Hsieh OpEd: "Free Speech: Use It or Lose It" posted at We Stand FIRM, saying, “My latest OpEd was on new threats to bloggers' free speech, and how to fight back. This one got a nice Instapundit link!”

Ari Armstrong presents Past Time to Privatize the Post Office posted at Free Colorado, saying, “I review a personal experience with the Post Office and argue it would function better if placed in a competitive, free market.”

Jason Stotts presents Is Love a Zero-Sum Game? posted at Erosophia, saying, “A look at the idea that love is a zero-sum game and a short analysis of the limits of love.”

Rachel Miner presents Best Memory of my Life posted at The Playful Spirit, saying, “This post shares how I found a particular childhood memory to be formative of my character. I made some discoveries in writing which made the recollection even more rewarding.”

Jared Rhoads presents No change for Bush daughter posted at The Lucidicus Project, saying, “Both parties still accept the doctrine of altruism, so spare us the claim that they fundamentally differ on healthcare.”

Diana Hsieh presents Atlas Shrugged Movie Filming posted at NoodleFood, saying, “The Atlas Shrugged movie has begun filming... and I'm less than pleased.”

Daniel Casper presents The Spiritual Value of Work posted at Blog | The Undercurrent, saying, “Clearly, productive work can and ought to be personally fulfilling. But where does this put one’s career in comparison to one’s personal relationships?”

David Lewis presents Your Home Is Not An Investment: Life insurance | Precious Metals | Retirement Plans | Financial Planning | Investing | Saving Money posted at A Revolution In Financial Planning.

Shea presents Integration in Action: Frequency-Based Filters and Driving posted at Shea's Blog, saying, “A quick post in which I discuss a simple integration I made the other day.”

Stella Zawistowski presents Don't look to Rwanda for a model posted at ReasonPharm, saying, “The New York Times' paean to universal health care in Rwanda should not fool Americans into thinking their system is working.”

Kelly Elmore presents Yard Tour June 12, 2010 posted at Reepicheep's Coracle, saying, “Here's an update on my garden with loads of pictures.”

Rational Jenn presents Checking Premises, Part 1 posted at Rational Jenn, saying, “The first of a few planned posts about how my efforts at introspection regarding my ideas about eating have paid off in spades!”

Jenn Casey and Kelly Elmore present Podcast #7: Siblings posted at Cultivating the Virtues, saying, “Our seventh podcast focuses on the wonderful world of siblings!”

Zip presents But We've Always Done it That Way posted at UNCOMMON SENSE, saying, “My first round up.”

Jane Eisenhart presents Glenn Beck on Fiction posted at Hometown Grotesque, saying, “Thoughts on Glenn Beck's interpretation of the importance of fiction writers, in particular Ayn Rand.”

Sandi Trixx presents Rwandans Living in Health Care Utopia? posted at Sandi Trixx, saying, “This is Obama's and the left's dream come true.”

Mike "Zemack" LaFerrara presents The BP Gulf Disaster: the Proximate vs. the Ultimate Cause posted at Principled Perspectives, saying, “The federal government's paltry $75 million liability cap distorted the insurance market and played a key role in the BP disaster.”

Beth Haynes presents Education and Coercive Funding posted at Wealth is not the Problem, saying, “This is a series of 3 LTE's in opposition to a local parcel tax which were published in my local paper, as well as a link to an on-line discussion which one of them prompted.”

Earl Parson presents My Letter in Opposition to AB48 posted at Creatures of Prometheus, saying, “I wrote this letter to my state reps in Sacramento, as well as Gov. Schwarzenegger, on a new regulatory regime that was sneaked into law, which will put many private flight schools out of business.”

Jeff Montgomery presents Green Mountain Drizzly Run posted at Fun With Gravity, saying, “This is another post for fun about a recent trail run, something I do a lot of :) ”

Stephen Bourque presents This Future posted at One Reality, saying, “The damage of the BP oil spill is a drop in the bucket compared to the destruction of the Obama administration.”

Happy Reading!

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