Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 Good Things (Frederick Childe Hassam edition)

Yesterday, July 14, I received this timely piece of art via email from the Metropolitan Museum.  It looked remarkably like a Christmas card we sent out years ago – from the painting style right down to the Mansard roof buildings—but the flags were American, the city was New York, and it was winter!  I had to find out if the artist had created that particular image as well.
I’m sorry to say, although I found Childe Hassam's interesting flag series, the Christmas card image was not among them. The sorry part comes from the time I spent searching for it for naught; however I did come across some of his other paintings that I found noteworthy (as well as information about his contributions to American art in general).
Here are three of them: The first is a favorite from my youth, the second cements my fascination with his use of light in transforming urban life, and the third is reminiscent of another long-time favorite.
While I’m not a big fan of his human figures, the man sure can paint an evocative street scene!
Boston Common at Twilight, 1886

A City Fairyland, 1886

July Night, 1898


Mark Wickens said...

Thank you! I was not aware of this painter and agree with you that his use of light is very evocative. Will check out more of his work.

Lynne said...

Glad you like him and thanks for the comment and RT, Mark!

I've known about him for a long time due his painting, Boston Common at Twilight, but I had no idea he had such an extensive body of work.