Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mostly For the Birds

This morning my daughter and I went kayaking on the Concord River.  There we saw 30 geese a-swimming (blech); 18 mallards quacking (meh); 17 turtles sunning (my daughter kept saying, "I like tourdous" like a zombie); 6 robins wading (didn’t know they were water birds); 5. . . Golden . . . Dragonflies; 2 baby beavers! 1 great blue heron! 1 Peregrine falcon! And a duck that looked like a cow.
Not bad for a brief, 60 minute outing!
I have seriously never seen such an odd looking duck in my life!  Or baby beavers!  At least I’m guessing they were babies because I’ve seen adult beavers before and they were huge compared to these little guys. Actually, I don’t know if what we saw was a Peregrine falcon or some other bird of prey, either. If a falcon, it was a first year (brown and white, less defined mask), but it was loud. 
Here’s a cool beans video of a Peregrine falcon diving in air and a goshawk doing the speeder bike thing through the forests of Endor.

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