Thursday, July 22, 2010

3000 Individuals for Individual Rights

There are two things that make living in Massachusetts bearable: 1) Wicked awesome history, and 2) A relative dearth of extreme religiosity.  Because of #1, we’d actually consider moving to Virginia, but then #2 is destroyed by things like this and this (taken in Virginia on our recent return trip from Georgia).

You can therefore imagine my shock when only moments ago (in what could best be described as a WTF? moment) I saw my first “Choose Life” license plate – IN MASSACHUSETTS!

What? The? Heck?

Fair is fair, so this article goes on to explain, “Specialty plates in Massachusetts do not need legislative approval, so abortion advocates could start an effort to have their own plates.

According to the same article, in order to get a state of Massachusetts specialty license plate with any damn non-profit cause desired, all one needs is 3000 Massachusetts residents to complete the registration form and to pay the $40 fee. 

Here is the list of specialty plates currently available in Massachusetts.  It appears that a two letter designation is most desirable.  So I think that rational minded Massachusetts folks should get together and combat this nasty anti-choice, anti-life, anti-man message masquerading as maternal love with our own message.

Individual Rights (IR)

Rights = Freedom to Act (FA)

Laissez-Faire Capitalism (LC)

Despite the contradiction bound in the very instrument of support, I’d definitely pay forty bucks for a “CR: Capitalism Rocks” license plate.

What do you think?  Are there 3000 folks in Massachusetts who would like to support Individual Rights or the system that supports them, Capitalism?


The Rat Cap said...

3,000 people in boston that support freedom ndividual rights?! No way, it's a college town.

Lynne said...

Let's see: 4.5 million in Greater Boston vs. just over 7 million in all of Massachusetts, with nearly 5 million registered cars?

Sadly, you could be right.