Friday, July 16, 2010

The End of Days

First the fly invasion, then the chickens cavorting with wild animals. What’s next? Boiling seas?
Since I’m not into human sacrifice, and given that the temperature will exceed 90°F for the next four days in a row, I tell you where I’ll be ending my days: sequestered in the East Wing with the quieter, more efficient AC, my books, and all the wine I can drink! Who knows? Maybe I’ll even let the rest of my family join me. 
If I can get a good wireless signal up there, I may never leave.
Note to self: Must bring pepperoni and cheese.  And toothbrush.

Stay cool, friends.


The Rat Cap said...

What about the army of frogs on Greek highway:

Lynne said...

And the DC earthquake!

So it's not just at my house.

Lynne said...

Although my house is now looking like the epicenter of the apocalypse: Discovered last night, a HUGE wasps nest between rafters and drywall in erstwhile East Wing Sanctuary may now be added to the list!

I can hear the little buggers having a rave in the wall. Ew. At least they're still contained within the wall until I can get some professional help - for them, not me!