Friday, July 30, 2010

Selfish Love

Like industrialists extracting materials
Used to power the world,
I happily exploit your potential.

Like settlers working the land,
Laying claims on their efforts,
I eagerly seek to possess you.

Like single-minded pursuit of purpose
Indelibly marks its pursuer,
Your life is inscribed on mine.

As deliciously entwined as we choose to live,
We are distinct: Each defined by his values.
For in as long as we remain true to our selves,
It is our virtue which sustains this perfect love.


Kelly Elmore said...

Lovely! And even better now that I have seen you and Stephen together. The love you express in this poem is very obvious between you in person. You are clearly oriented toward each other, even though you move through the room doing your own separate thing. It was lovely to behold. Thanks for sharing this poem.

Lynne said...

Thank you for the lovely comment, Kelly!

In answer to some friends questions a few months ago, I've been thinking and trying to write about what makes our relationship work. I'll post that on some later date. I thought that selfishness was a great place to start.