Monday, January 26, 2009

3 Good Things (animal print edition)

[For instructions on how to make your own zebra print binder, go here.]

1. Zebra on the inside of my otherwise conservative eyeglasses makes me feel secretively saucy.

2. Outerwear accessories in leopard add a little zip to my step even on the grayest of winter days. (Did you know that collecting them is hereditary?)

3. A vinyl giraffe purse from the streets of NYC may scream, “That’s enough tacky now, lady!” to the rest of the world, but to me, it just purrs (or whatever quiet noise self-satisfied giraffes make).


Amy said...

Pictures? Especially #3????

LB said...

It looks just like this.

Amy said...

Ooo, love that. Except that I hate purses. Evidence: the entire top shelf of my closet is crammed with purses. I keep buying them in hopes of finding one that actually works.

Actually, I do have one bag that works. My step-mom in-law gave it to me, and when it wore out, she got me another just like it. I need to ask here where to get it. I'd use it forever.

LB said...

That cracks me up. My sister-in-law does the same thing (or did, she may be reformed now) - replacing her purse with an exact replica.

I understand that once you find something you like you stick with it, but I see a funky purse as an opportunity to express myself in what is otherwise a bland necessity.

By the way, the bag I linked to is WAY bigger than mine (approximately 12"x10"), although it looks exactly the same when not shown with the woman.