Friday, January 23, 2009

3 Good Things (clothing design edition)

1. I own three sewing machines.
2. I can follow directions (mostly I choose not to, but I can).
3. Today, I found a Betty Draper-like dress pattern!

Go me!

Now if I could only find the right fabric….and then if I only had the right place to wear it.


Mere details.


Kim said...

OMG--if you sew a dress like that you must wear it everywhere, all the time. Especially grocery shopping and cleaning the toilet. It would be gorgeous. A dress like might even make up for having to clean the toilet.

LB said...

You're almost as excited as I am. I like that.

Then reality sets in.

First off, it's Betty Draper-like, in that there is no lace overlay, so the fabric I find has to have a sort of toile look to it.

Secondly, it has a Betty Draper shape, but alas, I do not. So I'll need to do some figuring out there. Ba da bum - cymbal.

Finally, clean toilets? Isn't that what the domestic help is for? Darn, forgot again that I am NOT Betty Draper.

Oh well. I will definitely post on it if/when I am done. I really, really like the way it looks. I may be calling you for some help.

Rational Jenn said...

Nice! I'm all impressed with your ability to use a sewing machine. That's on my list of Things to Learn One of These Days (Maybe).

Just finished the 1st season of Mad Men, btw. Good stuff. Except it makes me feel like such a slacker for never, ever wearing makeup--let alone to the grocery store or around the house! Also, makes me want to pour a scotch any old time of day.

Good luck finding fabric!

LB said...

Don't be too impressed, yet. So far, only children on stage, halloween revelers, and curtain rods have been brave enough to wear my sewn creations.

Fiddler said...

What a gorgeous dress! And you would look fabulous in it. We could start a dress code for chorus.

LB said...

Okay. You bring it up at the next director's meeting and let me know how it goes.

Fiddler said...

RB would probably go for it. JP--not so much. And it would have to be all cotton for me. Wouldn't It Be Loverly?

LB said...

Okay. Next year, we sing this and by then I'll have the dresses made.

Yours in cotton.

Fiddler said...

Promise? I have connections, you know. We've done "transportation" and "outer space," though. What's another theme we could utilize and still perform this song? Love it, btw.

LB said...

Well, let me make one first and then we'll talk.

Stephen Bourque said...

I for one am very much looking forward to seeing you in this dress, and will happily acquire any material that you need. (I will also help you with the instructions, since I know you lack the patience to read them yourself!)

When it's done, we'll go out to a nice place for dinner so you can wear it. I'll do my best to look like Don Draper, though alas, I'm not exactly sure how I will manage to become taller and more handsome.

LB said...

You're on.