Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stay Warm

According to our "Classroom Thermometer" it’s -11° outside this morning!

Okay, I reported it in degrees Celcius for effect, but it is 12°F. That’s cold.

While I seriously doubt the claim of the title of the article, "How to Stay Warm While Still in Fashion", I have to report that I am a recent fan of the blanket robe (I refuse to call it by its brand name). It's really, really cozy, if not conducive to traveling on the staircase or tap dancing (unless you want to reenact Happy Feet).

Today, this could be me - if my home decor were from Rent-A-Center (rather than IKEA), my hair dirty blond (rather than dirty black - more a state than a color, really), and my Dell silver and larger (rather than floppy-lidded and blue), that is! Basically, this is the snuggie I got for Christmas from my mother. And except for the name, I'm not ashamed to say I love it.

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