Thursday, January 15, 2009

“I’ve got you on camera. I’m watching you, boy.”

I had to link to (rather than embed) this video today. Apparently it was taken somewhere in Great Britain on the 3rd of January. What’s interesting about it is that the camera is trained on the police, not the crowd. The police are actively running away from the protestors whom we can guess, outnumber the police.

In addition to the unusual imagery of the retreating police, we see various objects (sticks, perhaps from the protestors placards, and traffic cones) being thrown at and hitting the police as they retreat, and some type of escorts or handlers (signified as such by their orange vests) asking the protestors not to become too violent. The most unsettling thing about the video, however, is the audio.

The protestors shouting, “Free, free Palestine” the apparent subject of their protest, are also taunting the police saying “Run you cowards”, and “Run you swine”. But the most chilling and revealing sound can be heard after the warning issued by the protestor with the camera (at 9:23). He and some cohorts laugh arrogantly after threatening the police with the fact that he has their actions on videotape. That scorn is the sickening sound of Western civilization being strangled by multicultural relativism.

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