Sunday, April 5, 2009

All right. Who's the Showoff?

Today I learned the art of pysanky from a friend and couldn't resist putting the egg in with the chicks. While my egg may look nothing like the intricate designs on the pysanky website, I still like it.

And the process was fun!


Rational Jenn said...

Neato! Your fancy egg looks very . . . fancy!

Also, I love that you have chickens! Would love fresh eggs all the time. We're not allowed though. County government says 'no' and doubt we'd be able to pull it off covertly.

So I will raise chickens vicariously for now!

LB said...

What struck me funny is how most of them wouldn't even look at the egg.

Some neighbors had chickens, so I didn't bother to check. I did know better than to get a rooster, though, and by the end of the summer I hope to have a positive egg production report. I'll keep you posted.