Thursday, April 30, 2009

Because Sex Sells

There has been some discussion on HBL lately about reducing some concrete examples of the proper role of government into bite-sized pieces in order to have a quick slogan to combat the virulent spread of statism when such use is appropriate. As a twist to the old saying on individual rights (whose attribution I could not find), “Your rights end where your neighbor’s nose begins”, I submit the following:

Your rights end where my pockets begin.

I have to say, I find the double entendre quite clever as I can’t help but notice that many of the people who can clearly see a violation of rights in the innuendo of physical assault can not conceive of the economic battery of the individual by the state as the very same violation.


Beth said...


I thought a lot about what I could put on a protest sign to best capture my thoughts. It's not easy. I used "Liberty, the only stimulus we need" --but if I'd had yours, I might have used that instead.

The best phrase I have come up with for general situations is:

"Convince me, or leave me alone."

Not specific enough for a Tea Party --but for an all-purpose slogan, I think it works.

Can you share some of the other slogans which come up on HBL for those of us who don't subscribe?

LB said...

Ooh. I like that, "Convince me, or leave me alone".

I don't think I can share them, although each poster's intent is clearly to do so, it was done on a private list. If any poster links to his own website, I could certainly addend it here.

There have been several posts I've seen (in addition to yours) discussing the need for slogans for tea party signs in the last few weeks. Maybe I can dig some out.