Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey Chickens!

Today was an another unseasonably warm day in the northeast, so we took the ladies out again. Here are the pictures I promised.

Here they are milling around in the pen, being pretty happy.

And here they are one second later after I say, "Hey chickens!" which I normally do.

Don't believe me? Here it is in video:

And before you ask: No - my voice is not normally that high pitched, and Yes - I do, on occasion, laugh like Muttley from Wacky Races.


Amy said...

They are actually kind of cute, and even maybe pretty. And I find it hilarious that they fear you.

LB said...

I think they look exactly like modern interpretations of dinosaurs.

When they're in the house, they love me! I swear!

And it's not because I came at from above them. I ran the same experiment sitting down next to the pen and they all bolted into the little box like chickens. I was laughing so hard, cackling really, I missed the video opportunity. I stopped the experiments at three - I didn't want to stress them out too much.