Monday, April 20, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmm.

Immediately I want to sing the refrain to C+C Music Factory's song, but I won't. I'll just link to it in the event that you might want to rap along with the video.


While I'm certainly not addicted to cosmetics, I find the transforming magic of make-up fascinating. I'd like to report that I make a daily effort to be beautiful, but the truth is, most days I can barely muster the effort to be presentable. It's not that I don't place a value on looking good, or that I find such efforts exhausting, it's just that daily make-up wearing is just so...senseless. There. I've said it.

Generally speaking, I don't wear make-up - until I do. And then I like to wear it BIG (though, admittedly, not this big).

I found this series of videos on YouTube today. I have no idea how I stumbled across MakeUpGeek, but the hostess is a delightful young woman who gives her opinions on different types of make-up and presents "how-to" tutorials on make-up application.

And I think it's cool.

Ed, Jim, and Chuck.

Having just picked up on a new TV series on Hulu (two, actually), I find an odd similarity between the modern everyman hero next door. Ed, from the same-name series, Jim from The Office, and Chuck from the series Chuck (one of the new shows) are all kind of like the same guy: cute, a little socially awkward, underachieving, go with the flow types. But when situations arise in which backbone is needed, which happens in every show by the way, they never let their fans down. What exactly does the success and popularity of the underachieiving heroes say about us, the watchers?

Lie to Me

The second of the two new Hulu shows (I've had a head cold - okay?) that I've been watching is Lie to Me with Tim Roth. Roth won an Academy Award as the incomparable creep in Rob Roy, and I've enjoyed watching him since Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead. He is very good as a self-tortured "human lie detector" in this psychological drama based on the ability to read people's faces.


I know this has gone viral, but just in case you didn't want to watch it when it hit your inbox last week, I present Susan Boyle singing "I Dreamed a Dream". I have no wisdom to offer, nor thoughts about the human condition as I watch this video, but I can say that when I watched it on Friday, I was glad I didn't have mascara on.

Head cold. Yeah, that was it.

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