Sunday, December 13, 2009

3 Drinks and a Habit

I wanted to update you on the last three Holiday Cocktail experiments: the Guilty Kilt, the Ginger-Tonic, and the Pomegranate Gimlet.

The Guilty Kilt was moved up from the Honorable Mention category to the must-have cocktail.  Now I know that some of you will be shocked and awed that on the first night we actually used the single-malt Scotch in the mix when it called for blended Scotch whisky, but I loved it!  It was sweet and smoky, and just plain yummy. Odder still, Stephen loved it! This is odd because until that night, he hadn’t had any alcohol other than wine – ever!  And he only started drinking wine in his 30s!  So, you can imagine my surprise to find him shaking one up every night since then!  He moved on to the blended Scotch whisky, but named the one with the single-malt the Big Catholic Guilty Kilt. 

The second drink I tested was the long awaited Ginger Tonic: the non-gin drinkers gin drink.  Yeah. It was okay.  I really, really like the smell and taste of ginger, but the lime overpowered its punch and it required a LOT of prep work and days of infusion time.   I’ll serve it (hell – I’ve got so much ginger-lime infused gin in the fridge I plan to feature it), but I don’t plan to take the trouble to make it again.  Stephen? He had another Guilty Kilt. 

Tonight’s experiment is another gin drink: the Pomegranate Gimlet.  It’s really good.  The tart lime and the sweet-tart pomegranate play off the pungent flavor of the gin nicely, but don't hide it completely.  I was surprised that I liked this drink, but not that I liked the garnish.  It’s quite festive and I’ll definitely serve this one.  The only work is in the garnish, but we can make that ahead of time. Stephen? He had another Guilty Kilt.

There you have the three drinks.  Did you notice the habit?

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