Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Preparing for Christmas: Wrap It Up

I started last night, but today has been the big wrapping day. At first you may be tempted to say, if you don’t know how to wrap a box, make a bow, or craft a gift tote already, it’s too late, lady. I freely admit the videos are pretty lame, but even we seasoned veterans can use a tip or two to improve our wrapping skills. And we did!

Better creases, folding to edge, flattened lightly wired ribbon. (Ignore the man on the left.)

Make little gift bags out of topical magazine images (e.g. food magazines for little homemade sweets).

If you don’t own it already, you should so you can play it while you wrap: my favorite Christmas rapping.


Or, you can listen to this beautiful music and study the cello hold: one of my essential wrapping moves. (Sometimes I do wish I had a prehensile tail.)

I need to remember this earlier next year.

I hope all your holiday plans are wrapping up beautifully.


Fiddler said...

Ooh, I didn't know how to dovetail my ribbon ends until watching Steven and Chris. Excellent--now, if I can just remember until next year.

Personally, I like to watch cheesy Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel while wrapping, if the tv happens to be free. But since gift central this year has been the guest room, I've been watching Firefly again on the portable DVD player. Wonder how you say "ho ho ho" in Chinese?

Lynne said...

I think it's probably "ho ho ho".

Firefly is my treadmill show, but I can see it working for wrapping, too.