Sunday, December 20, 2009

Leopards and Zebras and Giraffes. Oh My!

Inspired by my friend, Cheryl, and her efforts to showcase her wild side (in leopard print clothing, only), here is what I could dig out this morning:
Leopard Clothing

This is Lucy, our dress manikin. On an incredibly excellent day, or perhaps right after a bout of the flu, and with the best undergarments imaginable, I am the same size as Lucy.  Here, she models some of my collection of shirts (and a Snuggie which I couldn't resist including) of the leopard print variety.  I have some zebra print shirts as well.
Animal Print Accessories

I could not find my leopard print winter boots, but I added the farm boots, the pony hair and black leather ballet-toed flats (my favorite) and the Steve Madden pony hair wedges (not comfy). I made the hats on the bottom left and top right. The bottom left hat was made from an old coat my grandmother was throwing out - it's my favorite. The top right hats are my daughters. I snuck a dalmation head band in there as well as my giraffe purse and file folder.  And yes. We do have glass display heads in stock. Doesn't everyone? 

Animal Print Home Decor


It's one thing to buy an inexpensive trendy shirt; it's another thing to put your money where your attraction lies.  Our stair runner, which we had installed years ago, is a gorgeous wool, classic leopard print. Nothing is safe from my attraction to animal print as our zebra laundry bucket and plastic tote bags in the center show. Brown zebra gives what could otherwise be tacky that certain je ne sais quoi.

You may be happy to know that I have spared you from the visual onslaught of animal print jammies that I own.  Have I ever mentioned my pajama collection?  Oh well. That will be for another day.

What can I say?  I know what I like.  And when I like something, I want to surround myself with it. 


Rational Education said...

Lovely post Lynne!

And compliments on some great photography and composition -very artistic! Any editor would love to have you on the team...


Lynne said...

Thanks, Jasmine. It's really having the manikin and glass heads around to model that did the trick. That, and I can't stand blogger's editor, so I opted to put in three pictures rather than trying to add them all separately.