Saturday, December 5, 2009

A dog, I hope.

After a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day yesterday, I found something to smile about at the local nursery's Christmas gift shop.
When I looked at this scene of little trinkets under a Christmas tree display,

I immediately saw a child’s Christmas wish for a dog.

I thought it was strange to have something so concrete among the "hope","peace", and "believe" abstract set, so I did a double take.  Even though it took me a only second to realize that it was just “hope” upside down and not a partially obscured "a dog", I was delighted by my interpretation for an appreciable moment.
Sometimes that’s all you get.
Sometimes that’s all it takes.


Amy said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad one. It seems to be going around. I love this story, though. I think everyone has had these moments, and you captured it so well. Thanks for the smile.

Lynne said...

Thanks for the comment, Amy.

Someday when I'm able to put the discoveries of yesterday into proper perspective, I hope to be able to write about it, or rather, about the wisdom I've gained from the experience (not to mention the gray hair).

Assume positive intent. Assume positive intent.