Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Card Choices

It's still not quite right, but the cleaner buildings are much better looking than my first attempt.  There is no real pop of color, just grays and desaturated tones, so that bit of delight is missing. My daughters are both in front of the tree and in the carriage, so there is some magic.

It's one of two images I will be printing on the "you choose" foldng card because the relatives and some of the children insist that we actually be able to see their faces.  I like my Christmas missives to be a little interactive. Sadly, there is no matching game on the newsletter this year.

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Lady Baker said...

I'm loving it :) I've gradually grown my tradition too and sent out 80 cards this year. It's so fun :) I love writing my holiday letter too... I do it in a multiple choice form with tends to bring lots of laughs.