Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vegas Nerve

As summer approaches and schedules of edifying classes are posted, we’re beginning to feel the pinch that comes from being unable to attend OCON this year.  Even with the incredible value dense experience we had last year, we just can’t afford to go to Las Vegas for this year’s conference.  

But all is not lost. Thanks to the organizational efforts of some other NOCON 2010 folks, we’re able to make the trip to AOSMCON (go ahead - pronounce it “Awesome Con” – you know you want to), the Atlanta Objectivist Society mini-conference!

Based on what I’ve read, I’d recommend that anyone who wants to, but is unable to attend OCON for lack of finances or time, consider attending AOSMCON. It takes place over a long weekend, and perhaps because the classes are given by Objectivists who are not professional philosophers or speakers, as well as the fact that this is a first time labor of love (I’m sure), the price of the conference is hardly worth mentioning!

For me, the biggest thrill will be meeting – in real life – a few of my favorite bloggy friends!!! (I’m bringing the 80s music – nuff said.)

And shooting. Yes-siree, Bob! Someone is going to help me learn how to shoot a gun.  

I haven’t been to Georgia since I was sixteen and visited a friend and his family in Stone Mountain (before it was a theme park). I just hope all that excitement and assumed evenings of intense laughter won’t trigger any episodes of syncope!

Finally, lest you suspect that we are wandering away from the serious soul food that is OCON, we’re already planning for Fort Lauderdale 2011. AOSMCON is simply an excellent opportunity to meet and socialize with other folks who share a philosophy for living on earth, and just can’t make it to the big show this time around.  I sincerely thank the organizers, Jenn and Kelly (and I can hardly wait to meet them), and the rest of the presenters for their efforts.

Sadly, dreams of Vegas are over.
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Now, Georgia is on my mind.
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Well, Georgia, and which car to take, and how many overnights we'll need, and making it back in time for the musical, and who'll take care of the chickens, not to mention the dog, and . . . Oy.  Gotta dash.

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