Monday, May 31, 2010

The DVF Experiment

Like the Ladies of LUPEC, another 30-something Bostonian professional has caught my eye with her experimentations.  Rather than being united in the preservation of endangered cocktails, this young woman set out to showcase the versatility of one classic dress: the Diane von Furstenberg classic wrap dress.

DVF wrap dress currently selling at Saks

As recorded in her blog, The DVF Experiment, Caitlyn wore her “wisest gift I have ever given anyone,” black viscose dress for 30 days.  The results are predictable: with the help of a same-day dry cleaner, a roommate photographer, and some Febreze, the DVF was appropriate for 29 out of 30 occasions (failing only in the "marathon spectator who jumps up and down" category). 

The DVF Experiment author at DVF in NYC!

I have mentioned the fabulousness of my “go-to” black wrap dress in the past.  Because it is a Sears brand dress, and because I paid less than 10% of the DVF price, it does not have the real styling of the DVF as Caitlyn would be first to point out.  But still, it can go from food shopping to showstopping to barhopping all in one day.  (While the dress could do those things in any order, the wearer would probably have to stick to that sequence of events.)

The blogect, reminiscent of The Julie/Julia Project, is devoted to experiencing one wonderful thing in a limited time period. Her brief and amusing posts coupled with the pictures from her daily dress wearing are worth a peek if you have ever fallen under the spell of the classic wrap dress.

The wrap dress is famously forgiving to faults and gives every wearer a fantastically feminine form.  

The blog is a clever little project.  

Update: "peek" not "peak." Dur (not "duh" if you're from the Northeast).

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