Sunday, September 28, 2008

For What It's Worth

Below is a copy of the letter I sent to my congressmen on Tuesday.

Dear Honorable ______________;

The emergency bailout package as handed down from the Bush Administration for you to consider will not keep us from the biggest financial catastrophe since the Great Depression, but rather, will kick the can down the road. Government funds, which is to say taxpayer dollars should never, ever go to fund bad choices made by quasi-governmental agencies, public companies, or other taxpayers. This is precisely what you are now being asked to approve.

We are no doubt stand on the edge of an economic crisis, but not one made by the taxpayers. It is the governmental interference in these financial institutions which caused the faulty mindset leading to the overextension and eventual collapse of these institutions. They knew they were too big to fail. When the government decides which companies are not allowed to fail, we all pay the price: both those who took the risk, and those of us who played it safe. This proposed historic bailout will only foster more of the same regardless of any restrictions placed upon the funds.

I am writing to you to consider the precipice upon which we now stand and over which you are historically poised to push us.

It is not within the bounds of a proper American government to redistribute an individual’s economic resources so that bad companies, which with the help of bad government policies and full knowledge of a protectionist government’s interference drove themselves into ruin, can be redeemed. Lift interfering government regulations and let the good companies buy out the bad ones. In short, let the free market, not the government controlled version of the market fix this horrid mess.

Be a hero. Take a stand against bad government practices. Vote against the bailout plan.


Being, as I am, from Massachusetts, there isn't a chance in hell that the staff even understood what I was saying let alone it possibly making a dent, but I needed to do something.

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