Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tools for Girls

As someone who found the "Chess for Girls" skit on SNL hilarious and as someone who likes to give color coded tool sets to young women heading off to college, I laughed when I saw this image in an email entitled "If Women Ruled the World".

While I truly appreciate having the correct tool for every job, I have been known to occasionally fall prey to the heel and knife mentality.


Shez said...

thanks for the smile. If they weren't so darned heavy, I would carry a leatherman with me. As it is, I carry a flashlight and a penknife in my purse. I'm the proverbial girl scout, I am always prepared.

Lynne said...

Shez, I love my mini Leatherman (may not be brand name as it has a flashlight in it too) and a friend bought me a modified one with flowers on it! Alas, my purse is only so big so I had to make a choice. I leave the flowered one at home.

Even with these at the ready, I have still resorted to using the wrong tools. Sad, I know. And I don't think it has anything to do with being female, just lazy. It's just not something my husband would ever do and I think, what? - it does the trick and I didn't even have to move!

Kim said...

I'm all over it. Damned philips head screwdrivers.

I think color coded tools must be essential--perhaps pink or purple screwdrivers would finally allow me to keep something where it belongs instead of the last place hubby used it.