Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's Talk Turkey.

Here is my turkey family: Mom Tessa, chicks Tammy, Tara, Ted, Tabitha, and the twins, Shady Brooks and Butterball. Not pictured Terry and Tom, Jr. Not seen for 2 months, tiny Tim. Never seen, Tom.

So, with their adoption of my back yard as their home, I need to know some stuff (snicker) about turkeys.

What do they find so compelling about my yard?

What are their family units like?

How long do they take to mature?
If I catch one, can I eat it?

Really, it has been fun watching the little family wander into and out of our yard, their escape skills always growing. Despite chasing them several times a day trying to get a good picture of them, they keep coming back, much to our dog's dismay, which is funny in itself. My dog is no herder. Maybe she's just hungry.


Valda Redfern said...

"If I catch one, can I eat it?" I expect so, but I would cook it first, then invite friends round for lunch to help out. As for how long they take to mature - I have no idea. But in Africa (where I grew up) they like their chickens to have seen something of life before they eat them. Old chickens may be tough and stringy, but the flavour is superior.

LB said...

Well sure! Coq au vin is old chicken.

Really, now they're just kind of pets, so I don't think I'd want to eat them unless I had to.

This is what they sounded like in the spring.

I think it's fun to have a little wildlife on my one exurban acre.

Fiddler said...

Man, has your tree really changed colors already? It looks like fall has come early to your house!

LB said...

No. Don't get excited just yet - it's a Japanese maple.

That tree is funny. One day in the spring, all of its leaves suddenly appear. Then in the fall, the same thing happens in reverse. One day, there are lots of red leaves, the next day - poof - they're gone!