Thursday, September 25, 2008

Haiku Economics

Inspired by the general premise presented in Haiku Economics, (it’s amazing how far you can go-a-black-berrying) I have come up with a few of my own poems. Go ahead and give it a whirl – the limited format makes it impossible to wander too far and requires that you get to the point, quickly.

Screw Zen – punch it out!
Economic Haiku
Rocks poetic form.

Government bailout --
Seven hundred billion bucks
From whence does it come

Red lines make black days
Each made to carry burdens
Not of his making

Economic pluralists –

Have no “free” market
The hand, now quite visible
Must be slapped away

Unhand me, you knave!
If only it were so easy
To make it behave.

Even if I was appalled by the subtitle: Little Teaching Aids for Big Economic Pluralists, I couldn’t make sense of what the author had to say on that matter. It seemed like a witty bit of economic who’s who and what’s what thrown together around a spine of poetry, but amounted to little more than crap on a stick (sticking with the nature theme of traditional haiku). That may be because I’m just not savvy enough to understand his point further than marrying haiku and economics (which I liked).

In any case, I thought it was an interesting idea and I liked his joke:

What did the snail riding on the back of a turtle say?

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