Tuesday, September 2, 2008


All right. I didn't discover anything quite as exciting as Archimedes did when upon stepping into his bath and noticing that the water level rose in proportion to his submerging body, thereby discovering how to measure the volume of irregular objects through the displacement of water which caused him immediately to run through the streets of Syracuse in his birthday suit!

But I did find this blog which is simply hilarious.


Stephen Bourque said...

Whether the story ia apocryphal or not, the image of a naked Archimedes is one I could do without!

Lynne said...


Stephen Bourque said...

Oh, I'm no prude! For instance, if Hedy Lamarr had shouted "Eureka!" and run out into the street in a less-than-complete state of dress when she made her radio communications innovations, I would certainly not object to that image.