Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Grade School Model of Government

Due to the popularity of the idea of Global Warming and the inability of our leaders to apply principles to their legislating activities, the EPA is now charged with delivering the chains of carbon dioxide based bondage to us all. Rather than consign the threat of catastrophic Climate Change (its latest all-encompassing moniker) to the ranks other doomsday proclamations, our legislators (with help from members of the justice system), bending to public outcry bubbled up from an aggressive socialist marketing plan, have elevated the idea into the pantheon of world changing ideologies.

There will always be those who look to government to provide the answers; in this case, the regulatory answers are in response to the secondary questions when the primary questions have not been answered by science. They’ve just been accepted by popular decree.

As we have demanded or allowed (depending on one’s level of evasion) the government to capitulate with increasing mania by offering stop-gap measures to stem the complainers, what was once a vocal minority has become a mindless majority clamoring for more chains. Congratulations – the chains are being developed here under the Advanced Notice for Proposed Rulemaking.

You have until November 11, 2008 to voice dissatisfaction with the idea that carbon dioxide is a pollutant (yes, the very gas you exhale), that every single activity you do will be touched by and subject to limitations based not upon scientific fact, but upon the popularity of a wacky wavering parasitic slogan looking for a host, that our government, the first in history to be founded upon the morality of individual rights, will be offering us these chains through the frightening exponential expansion of the bureaucracy of the Environmental Protection Agency, and that collectivism has become more important than individual rights to Americans. In this respect, Climate Change is truly a world changing ideology: it represents the enslavement of America.

This isn’t about getting homework-free weekends, people! This is real. It is happening now, and while there is not one spot of evidence that this historic expansion of government control will even contribute to the absurd goal of anthropogenic Climate Stasis, it is clear to have a significant negative financial impact on each of us at the very least.

If you are interested in reading more (or less – there are some excerpts from the 570 page ANPR document) and finding out how to comment, please visit John Lewis’ site.

If, after realizing this madness must stop and then doing your part to stop it, you find that you miss your doomsday fetish, you can indulge it harmlessly here or foment another one here.

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