Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to Go A-Black-Berrying

Start by wanting to write about the original Iron Man (Giles Corey) with the intention of tying it to the release of the movie, Iron Man, today. Realize the poem attributed to Longfellow (albeit William Wadsworth Longfellow) is more interesting than the anonymous one in the Giles Corey link of yesterday’s post. Find out that Longfellow wrote an entire play on Giles Corey of the Salem Farms, but fail to locate the sought for poem. Find another play, Giles Corey, Yeoman, written by Mary Wilkins, free on Guttenberg Press. Go back, search more. Find peine forte et dure an interesting term in Law French. Seek to reaffirm the meaning of the Court of Oyer and Terminer. Again Law French.

Seek to better understand Law French as a fascinating explanation to our court system and its history. Follow Fee Simple link (one used on the title of your property and mine), marvel at the etymology:

Fee - A right in law to the use of land; i.e. a fief. Simple - in the unconstrained sense:
1) without limit to the inheritance of heirs;
2) unrestricted as to transfer of ownership.

Follow fief. Find fiefdomism, and its Derogatory usage interestingly appropriate.

But I digress.

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Lynne said...

For a review of Iron Man (the movie coming out today) see The Aesthetic Capitalist.