Sunday, May 8, 2011

The 4C's of Mother’s Day

I got up before the crack of dawn and made myself a cappuccino with my new, inexpensive cappuccino maker. It was delicious! The foamy thing worked and the drink looked so beautiful that I couldn't go back upstairs with just one fabulous creation and a cup of regular coffee – so I made another. Second one, not so good. Oh well. When my parents got here, I had the chance to make another three: the first was excellent again! the second, okay; third, meh. (So far, my success in cappuccino making is a lot like my success in pull-ups: I need a lot of recovery time and even then only the first one is worth a damn.)

See the cinnamon float?
After enjoying some sweet potato frittata, cooked by my daughters, and bacon, cooked by my son, we played a few friendly games of Set.  Okay, a few cutthroat games of Set, but all in good fun. When they broke out Suds, all of the sensible people ran away. This left my parents to play a few rounds with the girls. My son and his girlfriend, who were working in the garden, far from the house, could still hear my mother’s raucous laughter/cackle.

Before and after my parents' visit, I was outside in this gloriously bright but cool day and decided to start the long, hard, winter clean up! I had to move the chicken kennel (a large dog kennel for the chickens to be outside while we're gone for any appreciable amount of time) nearer the coop and clean out the various piles of extra cedar shingles, old trim, 4x4s, interior molding, and other assorted piles of poo that have been hanging around that section of the yard for ever (yes, I meant two words).  And then I raked. Then I had to rake some more. I actually didn’t even get started with the winter clean up (tons of broken branches and pine needles), yet I still made a lot of progress (yay). There is no grass near the coop right now, but after some more work, I hope to turn the chicken corner of our yard into a grassy chicken playground. 

When will I remember to wear my work gloves when raking?

All the chickens in a group, but Alpha who's in the coop.

As if this weren't enough celebration and productivity, the oldies station wished me a Happy Mother's Day by playing this old favorite as we were on the way home from Agway and so I got to hone my Cher impersonation (ask Stephen - it's pretty good).

No matter how things change, some classics will always delight me.

Hope your Mother’s Day was full of the things that make it sparkly and magical for you!


Lady Baker said...

Woo hoo, I'm a Sets lover and my husband won't play with me anymore :( One thing on our list for ATLOSCon already!

Lynne said...

You're on!

HaynesBE said...

Mention of the sweet potato frittata inspired me for dinner last night. found this recipe on line
It was delicious.(Plus it used 6 eggs!!) Would love to see what yours was.

Lynne said...

This is from my gym-friend - I don't think she'd mind me sharing it:

Dice up a sweet potato or yam into small cubes, saute in a pan with a whole lot of cinnamon and a little s+p. I whipped 4 eggs + about 3/4 cup egg whites in a bowl and added it to the pan when the sweet potato was pretty close to tender, then baked for about 10 minutes until its set. This was about two breakfasts for me. I smeared about a tablespoon of nut butter (homemade walnut+pecan butter....dear god) and I SWEAR IT TASTES LIKE FRENCH TOAST!

And it did (even though we forgot to add the nut butter).

Next time, I think I'd like to add spinach and asparagus (hold the nut butter again!). Yum.