Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashion Finds

First, as the last person on earth who saw one darn thing about the Royal Wedding, I am recently fascinated by fascinators!  Who knew that these elaborate headpieces had their own very special name? I surely didn't, and yet I have long been a fan. I have purchased many of these for my daughters over the last fifteen years or so, starting with the one that gave me license to say "Girl! You got a duck on yer head!" over and over again.

(Yes. It is proper to feel bad for my children.)

Here is my favorite Royal Wedding fascinator, or hat as the case may be, as modeled by Miriam Gonzalez Durantez.

I'm not a big fan of turbans as a rule, but the big vibrant splash of coral floral petals works wonderfully on her.

Another find (via Building Atlantis) is the New Dress A Day blog in which the author uses thrift shop clothing and shows us how she remakes them into something she'd wear. Like the DVF Experiment, this blog takes one fashion plan and runs with it over a set period of time. I love the idea. And after having scoured her before and after photos, I have gleaned the four secrets of her success and now offer to share my wisdom with you, or any would-be imitator: take out the shoulders pads, shorten the length, add a funky belt, and wear boots whenever possible. It also helps if you are thin and lovely.

You're welcome.

Finally, in searching for a vintage or new cocktail dress to try to copy or buy outright if the price is right (no success yet), I found that in addition to different views of a dress and the ability to zoom in, lots of fashion websites now have a video of a model walking in the dress!  This is a very cool addition because if that skinny stick figure with poofy lips doesn't look good in it, there really is no hope for mere mortals like me.

Front shot still of Lotusgrace
silk organza cocktail dress. 

Go here and see the dress in motion for yourself! My impression of the dress thanks to the video: something bunchy about the waist that the stills do not exhibit. Phew! That just saved me $488. Not really, but that's sometimes how my mind works.  A little scary, I know.

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