Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Evening in Pictures (one of them even moves)

Turns out my afternoon was full of reading, reading, reading, some driving, then some more reading.  I am happy to report that I finished Emma early this morning.  I'd like to write five things I've learned from Emma, but because I was reading my daughter's giant book, Jane Austen ~ Seven Novels, didn't want to mark it even with a pencil, and temporarily misplaced my paper, I can not now find my favorite of her quotes about why Mr. Knightley is a superior man! (I believe that Emma and I are of one mind on that particular subject.)  So deep is my disappointment, that I may not explore the subject any further in writing. But I'm all set for the book club meeting.

Enough of that. That's another evening entirely.

Without further ado, here is a 51 second glimpse into my evening last. Because you needed to know.

Also because you needed to know: Yes, that pull-up bar is hanging in the doorway to our downstairs bathroom, I don't think that loud crack was the molding giving way under my immensity, that is the Declaration of Independence on the right, and some fine children's art resting on the floor  on the left while the bar temporarily interferes with its more permanent position on the wall.

Finally, I really am that excited by being able to do almost two pull-ups.


Earl3d said...

What a great little video, and what a badass you are!!! WooHoo!!!

Kelly Elmore said...

Your pullup and 7/8 was wonderful, but even better was that noise you made afterwards. :) I wished we lived closer because your days and my days are much the same.

Jenn Casey said...

That's so awesome! YAY YAY YAY!!!

Lynne said...

Thanks, Earl. I'm thinking that past the age of 45 badass generally has one meaning as two words! But even when I'm feeling badass in the best way, I let out little squeals of delight as Kelly notes.

Not very badass, I'm afraid.

Kelly, I thought about muting the goofy little pull-ups part, but I, too, so enjoyed my reaction to my FIRST, EVER, pull-up+! that I had to leave it in.

And I agree with your wishes: So when are y'all moving up here?

Lynne said...

Thanks, Jenn. Can you tell I was surprised and delighted?