Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Morning in Pictures

I was planning to do a Day in the Life in pictures, but I forgot how badly blogger handles photos.  So here is my morning in pictures - because you needed to know.

Jane Austen and coffee in bed (no cappuccino, yet).

CrossFit, coffee, and water.

Why So Negative?
In which I have a dumbbell complex.

My non-commuter's morning commute.

The Diva does Algebra. (The shades are part
of an allergy attenuation plan. - now if we only had
a "geometric idea" panic attenuation plan in place . . .)

Showing my mettle as a modern housewife:
Pressing some buttons

Turning some knobs
Hitting some keys (with the ever-present bottle of Blu Italy sparkling water
and bowl of chicken soup for breakfast - just outside the picture).

Making things happen!

Discuss why I have strings attached to the
tulip in this month's chalkboard doodle.

The UPS man cometh: He taketh away bad cappuccino maker
and leaveth more books! Love the UPS man. 
And now that it is noon, I must return to Jane Austen. My neighborhood lady friends are dependent upon my insightful contributions to our book group. (That and they vetoed my idea that I could talk about the three movie versions of Emma that I've seen instead).

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