Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good Night

Last night, from about 5:30 PM to this morning around 5:30 AM, Team CrossFit Woodshed participated in our local American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. We walked, we ran, we remembered, we celebrated, and we raised near $3000 for the ACS.  But we didn't sleep. Okay. I did.  A little. Between 3:57AM and 5:10AM - I just couldn't take it anymore!

Despite its nearly catatonic captain, Team CrossFit had its own stars of stamina: Jay and Jill with the thankless late, early shift, Craig with his running for an hour straight and then walking the next hour, Stephen with his 10 push-ups for every lap (720 push-ups in total - you know he kept his stats), Triple Team Tim, the quiet consistence of Ethan, Jared, and Laura, and my daughters (who are now both blissfully asleep), not to mention our fearless trainer who walked for hours and went home in time to ensure a burly barbell session at 6AM this morning. 

And just so you know, all cupcakes offered to you at 3:00 in the morning can be considered paleo-friendly cupcakes - by me, at least.

In researching the charity, I came to the realization that the American Cancer Society may not be the best charity for cancer research funding, cancer prevention, or most even the most efficient in allocating its funds raised. Having participated in the Relay for Life twice now, I will say that the event certainly does make the idea of surviving or living with cancer a viable, less lonely, and less frightening prospect.

This is worth my effort and time, and I want to thank the Woodshed Fitness community for theirs.

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