Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun with Photoshop (and a webcam)

Bright blue, orange glow, cabaret chanteuse,
Photoshop + webcam = no better use.
Overexpose, cutout, photocopy, colorize,
It's how I see the world in my many eyes.


Christina said...

Aren't you the bold one? New name and new face out there in the big, bad, blogging world! Stunning photos.

Lynne said...

Life is good, but quite short. What the hell am I waiting for? I'm still not bold enough to post my blog address on the bottom of my emails like some of my friends, though.

What I think is funny about the pictures is that I took them all in the same 10 minute period fooling around with my integrated webcam. It's interesting how very different one can look with a few filters. Like I said - fun.